Torn Stars Description
Written by Duncan Day   
Friday, 14 October 2005

Torn Stars is set in the Middle States star cluster, a war torn and lawless region clinging desperately to the vestiges of space-faring civilization. Travel across 27 war torn systems in search of lost ships, mineral wealth, mercenary pay, or fat profits. Six major nations struggle for control of the Middle States. The border zones between them are breeding grounds for pirates and smugglers.

Join an Empire fighting to regain its lost glory or side with those struggling for independence. The choice is yours.


The Leung Empire

The Empire is all that remains of Chung Kuo (the Middle Kingdom), which once contained half the systems in the Middle States, including Emerald. The Kingdoms fleet was smashed in the war, and many systems rebelled during the following chaos. The greatest manufacturing power in the Middle States, the Empire rebuilds its fleet and dreams of reunification.

Emperor Leung was an old man when the cluster was established, and is now ancient. Some speculate his unnaturally long life is due to Divine Intervention. Some claim advanced biotechnology. Many would pay a fortune for his secret, including his archenemy, the Sultan.leung_map.png

The Sultanate of Khalilistan

Wealth, beauty, and treachery all describe the Sultanate. Unimaginable wealth flows from the clusters largest source of Neutronium to build great palaces, universities, and fleets of gleaming white tradeships. And pays the mercenaries needed to keep it safe.

Exclusive and elitist, powerful Caliphates (princes) vie for power. A word of favor and a trader can become richer than a king. One slip of grace or word of disfavor, and execution comes swiftly. The Sultans secret police maintain his power. They are everywhere and hear everything. Make no false step.sultanate_map.png

CMC and the Barrens

The Barrens once belonged to the Consolidated Mining Corporation. The CMC was nearly destroyed by its larger neighbors during the War of Dissolution. Now the Barrens is a political no mans land, home to pirates, smugglers and discontents. No nation dares invade for fear of restarting the war, so the Barrens remain in anarchy.

Whole war fleets drift lifeless, as do empty stations and rich mining sites. For those willing to brave the pirates and ancient defenses, excellent salvage waits to be found.cmc_map.png

Emerald Alliance

A true terrestrial planet, Emerald is the greatest treasure of the Middle States. The Sultan destroyed most of Emeralds cities and stations when he tried to take it from the Empire. But the vast farms survived. Using this wealth Emerald rebuilt and formed a new nation. The Emerald Alliance unified several rebel systems into a representative democracy.emerald_map.png

The Dead Reaches

The Dead Reaches were sparsely populated before the war. The sudden loss of supplies and life support forced most people to leave. Many systems and stations were abandoned. Those who remain are fiercely independent, resisting incursion from Empire and Emerald alike. Both nations claim the Dead Reaches and fight with each other though corporation, mercenary and spy.