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Title: Final Task
Post by: admin on March 18, 2012, 02:56:44 AM
Here is an example contribution.  The comments are changed for a FreeMerchant class ship using the 'thug' speech_style.

pcft_FreeMerchant_approach, "I need a fuckin' approach vector station."

pcft_FreeMerchant_move_along_vector, "Get on the vector we just fuckin' sent you, and stay there."

pcft_FreeMerchant_looking_for_work, "So, lookin' for some work...anything going down around here."

pcft_FreeMerchant_vectoring, "Stay off our fuckin' vector."

pcft_FreeMerchant_docking, "Headin' into the station.  Don't fuckin' leave without me."

pcft_FreeMerchant_docking_cleared, "You are docked.  No trouble while on board or we'll confiscate your ship."

pcft_FreeMerchant_return_convoy,  "Clear of the can...headin' back to gang."

pcft_FreeMerchant_departing_area,  "So long...keep clear of our departure vector."

pcft_FreeMerchant_lining_up_for_capsule_jump, "We're in the queue.  No fuckin' line jumping."

pcft_FreeMerchant_hostile_spotted_fight, "Holy shit....hostiles on the scope...I'm headin' in to the fray."

pcft_FreeMerchant_hostile_spotted_flee, "Holy shit....hostiles on the scope...I'm gettin' the fuck outta here."

pcft_FreeMerchant_answering_distress_call, "Looks like some of our boys're in trouble...let's fuck shit up."

pcft_FreeMerchant_hostile_spotted,  "Are you seeing these hostiles??"

pcft_FreeMerchant_distress_call,  "Fuck!  We need some back up right now!"

pcft_FreeMerchant_approach_LDS, "Approaching on LDS...stay clear of our vector."

pcft_FreeMerchant_fleeing_attackers, "We're getting the fuck out here!"

Title: Re: Final Task
Post by: Chemus on March 18, 2012, 09:38:16 PM
*Looks up* Aha. Well then if that's what thugs should talk like. What should the other groups sound like?  The others include Leung, Sultan, CMC, Barrens, Brethren, and Machines, right? (list taken from the front page announcement)

Here's an example of what I initially thought Thugs might sound like, but it looks like it will likely suit Barrens better:


pcft_FreeMerchant_approach, "Comin' in. Clear a path."
pcft_FreeMerchant_move_along_vector, "Keep it in the lines."
pcft_FreeMerchant_looking_for_work, "Lookin' for work. No questions asked."
pcft_FreeMerchant_vectoring, "Changing course. Outta the way."
pcft_FreeMerchant_docking, "Hold on. I'm stoppin' here."
pcft_FreeMerchant_docking_cleared, "Hardly any leaks. Come on in."
pcft_FreeMerchant_return_convoy, "Comin' back to the group."
pcft_FreeMerchant_departing_area, "I'm outta here. See ya."
pcft_FreeMerchant_lining_up_for_capsule_jump, "Just about ready to Jump."
pcft_FreeMerchant_hostile_spotted_fight, "I got a hostile here, movin' in."
pcft_FreeMerchant_hostile_spotted_flee, "Got a hostile here, I'm out!"
pcft_FreeMerchant_answering_distress_call, "Ooh a distress call. I'm gonna see if I out."
pcft_FreeMerchant_hostile_spotted, "Incoming hostiles! Get outta here!"
pcft_FreeMerchant_distress_call, "Help! Help! Backup, anybody!"
pcft_FreeMerchant_approach_LDS, "Comin' in hot, stay outta the way."
pcft_FreeMerchant_fleeing_attackers, "We have a tail, unless we finally lost 'em."

Title: Re: Final Task
Post by: admin on March 19, 2012, 08:22:09 AM
Yes...what should the other groups sound like.  We had some background documents produced long ago by a Duncan Day, and much of that is included in the Lore and Faction articles on this site.  However, none of it really exclusively describes speech_styles for the factions. 

Using GrandpaTrouts orginal suggestions:

Leung Empire (fleet style=leung). The empire covers the whole of the south. Much of the middle states purchases ships from Leung. And Emerald used to be part of the Leung Empire and still uses these ships.

-- For the Leung Empire, which is 'Chinese' based, I am imagining a Chinese English mish-mash, not unlike some of the dialogue found in Serenity/Firefly.  Perhaps a little more intermixed.

Sultanate (fleet style=sultan). The other Empire to the north. Another source of ships for the cluster. Also includes the Caliphate and many mega corporations.

--The Sultanate is rich, so I imagine snobby, well-spoken, condescending and grammatically perfect language.  Could have a bit Arabic influence, considering the roots of the culture.

CMC (fleet style=cmc). The CMC used to own most of the center of the middle states. The ship yards that survived the war still churn out a large number of CMC ships. This fleet style basically represents the wealthy survivors of the war. Many mega corporations use these ships and hire people with these kinds of speech patterns.

-- Corporate speak all the way.  Professional, but lazy.  Grumpy, tired, but on the ball.  Anything else that brings to mind the pseudo-professionalism of most modern corporations.

The Barrens (fleet style=barrens). This fleet style represents the less lucky surviors of the war. They have rag tag patched together equipment and less educated speech. Many of the independents, aikenites, and pirates use this fleet style.

--The Barrens would be full of slang, though not aggressive.  Lots of slang, and jokes.  Unprofessional sounding.  Grammar errors and smatterings of other languages.

The Brethren (fleet style=brethren) The brethren are so unique, that it would not make sense for them to borrow anothers style.

--The Brethren are a bit of a mystery to me, and I need to check whether we actually have them in game.  However, they are virtually exactly what the Reavers?? were in FireFly.  In fact, there is some question as to whether the idea was lifed from our in house Author, as his ideas predated Firefly considerably.  I think.  AAAAnnnyway...

The Machines (fleet style=machine). The defense machines of epitaph. Another group with very different ships and speech patterns than all other factions in the middle states.

--Machines obviously, but broken, homicidal machines.  Smiling as they are about to kill you.  Otherwise broadcasting blithely for a non-existant human audience.

The Thugs, a grouped term for Pirates and Criminals.

--Low class, violent speech full of curses, slang and threats.

A final thought for all these Lines...we are imagining that these lines are being publicly broadcast, and are not private ship-ship communications.  So that certainly effects what is to be said and why.  In general they are directed to ships in the vicinity, or ships within an operation (grouping of allied ships).

Title: Re: Final Task
Post by: Chemus on March 19, 2012, 12:23:52 PM
...The Sultanate is ...snobby, well-spoken, condescending and grammatically perfect...

Hmm Non-english is harder for me... but condescending and pretentious I can do. Here's my first shot.


pcft_FreeMerchant_approach, "This vessel is on approach vector. Keep well clear."
pcft_FreeMerchant_move_along_vector, "Your vector has been cleared. Do not stray from it."
pcft_FreeMerchant_looking_for_work, "If a suitable employer can be had here, this vessel is available for hire."
pcft_FreeMerchant_vectoring, "This vessel is changing vector. Steer clear"
pcft_FreeMerchant_docking, "Wait there. This vessel will dock here."
pcft_FreeMerchant_docking_cleared, "Docking maneuvers complete. We bid you welcome."
pcft_FreeMerchant_return_convoy, "This vessel shall now return to the convoy."
pcft_FreeMerchant_departing_area, "Until we meet again, this vessel bids farewell."
pcft_FreeMerchant_lining_up_for_capsule_jump, "This vessel is on final approach to Capsule Jump Point."
pcft_FreeMerchant_hostile_spotted_fight, "There is a hostile nearby. This vessel will engage."
pcft_FreeMerchant_hostile_spotted_flee, "This vessel detects hostiles. Strategic movement in progress."
pcft_FreeMerchant_answering_distress_call, "This vessel has received a distress signal. Let us provide what aid we can."
pcft_FreeMerchant_hostile_spotted, "New hostiles detected in the area. Exit strategically."
pcft_FreeMerchant_distress_call, "This vessel requires immediate assistance. Repeat: this vessel requires immediate assistance."
pcft_FreeMerchant_approach_LDS, "This vessel approaches in LDS. Keep well clear."
pcft_FreeMerchant_fleeing_attackers, "This vessel is in strategic maneuvers away from hostiles. Use caution; said hostiles may acquire new targets."

Title: Re: Final Task
Post by: admin on March 20, 2012, 01:55:46 AM
Thanks for all the input Chemus.  All your lines are in the game now.

To make things easier I am going to set all these comments as shared between ship types.  The only one that might need differentiation between shop types would be the pcft_FreeMerchant_looking_for_work line.  The 'pcft_FreeMerchant_approach_LDS' line is also a possibility as it would alert the player to the kind of craft that is approaching.  Same goes for 'pcft_FreeMerchant_approach'.

All the ships using these basic lines can be hired by the player, so helping the player remain aware of the types in his vicinity will be useful.

Here is an example of 'pcft_FreeMerchant_looking_for_work' tweaked for the FreeScience type vessel.

'We are fully staffed and qualified Survey crew looking for some longtime employment.  Lock on to our private channel to discuss terms.'

Title: Re: Final Task
Post by: admin on March 20, 2012, 02:41:13 AM
I decided to have 'pcft_freemerchant_looking_for_work' unique between shiptypes.  Otherwise, all the lines will be shared by 'Free' type ship classes. 

So here is an example of a completed set of lines for one line type, namely 'pcft_approach':

pcft_approach, "We are inbound, please give us a vector for approach."
pcft_approach_1, "We are inbound, requesting a vector for approach."
pcft_approach_2, "Ship inbound, please give us a vector for approach."
pcft_approach_3, "Vessel inbound, please transmit a vector for approach."
pcft_approach_4, "We are on station approach, please give us a vector for approach."
pcft_approach_5, "Ship on station approach, please transmit us a vector for approach."
pcft_approach_leung, "We inbound, give vector for approaching."
pcft_approach_leung_1, "We are inbounding, please to give vector for approaching."
pcft_approach_leung_2, "We inbound, please to transmit vector for station approaching."
pcft_approach_leung_3, "Ship is inbound, giving us vector for approaching, kindly."
pcft_approach_leung_4, "We are on inbound vector, requesting to give vector for approaching."
pcft_approach_leung_5, "We are inbound, give vector for approaching of the station, please."
pcft_approach_sultan, "We are inbound to your destination, please indicate the correct vector for station approach."
pcft_approach_sultan_1, "This vessel is on approach vector. Keep well clear."
pcft_approach_sultan_2, "This vessel is on immediate approach vector. Please indicate the correct vector for station approach."
pcft_approach_sultan_3, "This vessel is on approach vector. We are requesting the correct vector for station approach."
pcft_approach_sultan_4, "We are inbound to the station, keep clear of our vector.  Station, we are requesting approach and possible docking path."
pcft_approach_sultan_5, "This vessel is on approach vector. Keep off our planned vector."
pcft_approach_cmc, "We are on an inbound vector, would appreciate an approach path."
pcft_approach_cmc_1, "We are on an approach vector, requesting tranmission of approach and docking coordinates."
pcft_approach_cmc_2, "We are on station approach, requesting nearby ships to keep clear of our path.  Thank you."
pcft_approach_cmc_3, "Station, we are inbound and requesting an approach and docking coordinate vector.  Nearby ships, please steer off our vector.  Thanks."
pcft_approach_cmc_4, "We are approaching the station, requesting local ships to stay aware of our approach vector and keep it clean."
pcft_approach_cmc_5, "We are inbound vector, requesting ships in the vicinity to remain aware of our approach vector and keep it clean."
pcft_approach_brethren, "Brethren inbound, approach vector indicate now."
pcft_approach_brethren_1, "Brethren inbound, transmit approach vector."
pcft_approach_brethren_2, "Brethren approaching, indicate vector now."
pcft_approach_brethren_3, "Brethren are coming, station, transmit our path."
pcft_approach_brethren_4, "Station, Brethren are approaching."
pcft_approach_brethren_5, "Station, Brethren are on approach vector.  Give us a path."
pcft_approach_machine, "Inbound, give approach vector."
pcft_approach_machine_1, "Inbound, transmit approach vector."
pcft_approach_machine_2, "Inbound, awaiting transmission of approach vector."
pcft_approach_machine_3, "Inbound, awaiting approach vector."
pcft_approach_machine_4, "Inbound, transmit approach vector."
pcft_approach_machine_5, "Awaiting transmission of approach vector."
pcft_approach_barrens, "We are coming in, can we getta an approach path?"
pcft_approach_barrens_1, "Comin' in. Clear a path."
pcft_approach_barrens_2, "Comin' in. Can we getta an approach path?"
pcft_approach_barrens_3, "We're on our way in. Can everyone clear a path?"
pcft_approach_barrens_4, "Comin' in to the staton. Can we get a vector or what?"
pcft_approach_barrens_5, "We are heading on in.  Any chance of gettin' a station approach vector?"
pcft_approach_thug, "Here we come..."
pcft_approach_thug_1, "Heading in to the station...looking to have some fucking' fun."
pcft_approach_thug_2, "Everybody look out!  We are on our way in...hahaha..."
pcft_approach_thug_3, "Heading straight for the station, clear us a fuckin' path you shits."
pcft_approach_thug_4, "Station, can we have that fuckin' approach vector already.  Don't have all fuckin' day."
pcft_approach_thug_5, "Keep well clear of us.  Anybody get too friendly and we will open fire on you fucks.  Station, transmit a vector now."

This is the exact format to be followed for other lines, except 'approach' will be modified with the appropriate text.  With six different lines per speech_style, there will be fairly robust and convincing 'chatter' going on during play.

For the 'looking for work' line, the ships should reference the type of ship they are, and so there will be 6 times as many lines, and the line itself will be prefaced with 'pcft_FreeMerchant' etc.

In the future, with just a little effort, we could have self-referencing lines, so ships and stations can refer to themselves and each other with actual ship names.  Later for that though.

Title: Re: Final Task
Post by: admin on March 22, 2012, 08:59:04 AM
I have finished a default or template build of all the dialogue files for the new operations(ships) in the game.  There are a lot of lines (sooo many), so much of the template is still generic, repetitive lines. 

I am attaching it to this post.  If anyone wants to leap in and fill those in, that would be...awesome.  And really quite helpful.

Otherwise I am going to release the Beta as is, in terms of the dialogue.

Title: Re: Final Task
Post by: admin on March 22, 2012, 05:40:50 PM
Of course, if we have any real ambitious people out there, our system has the capability to easily add voiced dialogue for every one of those entries.  We just need some one to organize an effort to record the 500 or so lines, add standardized 'radio static', and organize and name them all.  Then we would have real radio chatter everywhere!

Any takers?  :)